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Company Highlights

Wild Blue Group, LLC of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, has a successful track record of executive project and product management. We have more than 20 years of experience in directing high-performance work teams on high-profile projects. Our company has expertly handled work for our clients that involve business analysis, including design, budgeting, and the deployment of document and content management system applications.

We have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, hospitality, real estate, and construction industries. Always confident and articulate, we pride ourselves on our strong communication, organizational skills, and professional speaking ability. Regardless of your particular background or industry, we have you covered. We have extensive experience working with senior executive managers and are able to build rapport and trust quickly with diverse groups of clients and colleagues. Let our experience go to work for you today.

Major Achievements

Wild Blue Group brings you more than 25 years of enterprise information systems management experience, beginning with IBM 370 architecture, then with client-server, and most recently, with web-based solutions. We have more than 15 years of document, records, and content management experience in public and private sectors using Documentum™, Lotus Notes™, and Oracle™. Take a look at our timeline below or read a full outline of our skills and experience.

2002 - Implemented and marketed a web-based content management system in the financial services arena.

2002 - Designed, implemented, and marketed a web-based digital document management system.

1998 - Served as project executive for a print-on-demand document management system.

1996 - Implemented a correspondence records management system for the executive offices of the President of the United States.

1996 - Gained international exposure in the Channel Islands, with a local support system put in place to assist the world's largest patent and trademark management company in North America.

1981 to 2004 - Published articles and spoke at industry conferences on systems performance, capacity management, and web-based digital workflow and content management technologies.

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