Top 7 factors that customers consider when evaluating services

  1. The customer experience
  2. Building customer trust
  3. Maintaining customer loyalty; NOT satisfaction
  4. Surprisingly, reduced cost was only the eighth most important factor
  5. WBG brings systems designed to manage relationships with customers because we know that customer support is no longer just a cost that a business must bear
  6. Customer support facilitates revenue-generating opportunities for the organization
  7. Central to this is having a record of customer interactions and a mechanism for capturing feedback

Leverage inspection with faster estimates

Home Sold Sign

Turn the inspection into fast cost estimates i.e. 24 hrs.

  • Login to HomeBinder
    • Look for your personalized link in an email after the inspection
  • Select Repair Pricer
  • Follow the ordering process
    • 1 or 2 steps to the inspection report; estimate arrives in 24 hours

Repair Pricer is included with all of our inspection reports ($60 value). So you can make the most of the option period for happier clients.

98% accurate

All estimates are generated by zip code for all geographic accuracy, and continually updated with the daily market surveys.

24 hour turnaround

Time is money, especially during the home purchase process. That’s why Repair Pricer promises a 24 hour turnaround.

Easy to use

Repair Pricer is accessible via HomeBinder, so generating an estimate report directly from the inspection report takes just 2 steps.

Skilled pricing experts

Every report is manually reviewed by an expert, to ensure that it is accurate, realistic and ready to go. That’s why Repair Pricer is trusted by thousands of agents and home inspectors as the industry standard for repair pricing.

One Inspection by us, multiple referrals for you.

Home Inspection

We provide every client a free lifetime subscription to HomeBinder to help manage their new home. Benefits for you include:

Easily stay in touch

Automatic maintenance reminders and other benefits for the homeowner will keep you top of mind, with no additional work.

Earn Referrals

Staying top of min with the homeowner, long pas the closing, means more online reviews and more word of mouth recommendations.

Become agent of record

When it’s time to sell the house, as the agent listed in a Binder with the unique information that buyers love to see, repeat clients are a given.

Recommend your pros

Save your curated list of preferred home care professionals all in one place. Save time sharing your list of pros with numerous clients, knowing you can update it at any time.

Real Estate Agents - Stay Connected long after the closing


Help your clients take care of their most important asset – their new home, while you’ll have the advantage of:

  • Automated Marketing
    • Email maintenance reminders
  • Custom Messaging
    • Co-branded email messages
  • Clear Analytics
    • Dashboard for tracking email campaigns
  • Potential Future Sales
    • Helps homeowners consolidate all of their home related information; home records help with next sale of property

4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Tech Savvy Agents


The average length of time it takes for homes to sell in the U.S. is between 65 and 93 days. As a result, agents almost always have to apply some kind of real estate marketing to build interest and sell their listings.

  1. Know Your Audience - Email or text a survey to your subscribers and customers via ISN
  2. Sell Experiences, not Just Properties - A good customer experience leaves people feeling heard and appreciated; it minimizes friction, maximizes efficiency and maintains a human element.
  3. Automate Whenever Possible - Busy juggling client needs, submitting paperwork, and more; doesn’t bode well for your already busy schedule; many of these tasks can be automated to help save you time.
  4. Blend Traditional with Digital - With the majority of real estate buyers online, your marketing strategy needs to include digital components to encourage engagement.

Business Model Includes Unique Services

Realtor Clipboard

Real Estate Dashboard (RED) - purposely made to be Realtor Centric. In other words, to make it as easy and quick as possible for the Agent to view our availability or start an order. When Wild Blue Group uploads a report we can select an option to push the summary information up with the report. The Repair Request List is a PDF that agents can create for their buyer, which will contain each item from the summary.


  • Secure servers in multiple locations and the cloud for ultimate safety
  • Facilitates client and agent/Realtor(R) information throughout the system
  • Instantly see how many inspections an agent has ordered with Wild Blue for any period of time
  • Download insurance agent, Realtor and client lists directly into or out of ISN for third party marketing

Home Binder

  • Easily stay in touch with automatic maintenance reminders
  • Earn referrals by staying top of mind with homeowner
  • Become agent of record as the agent listed in a binder
  • Recommend your list of curated pros

Repair Pricer

  • Leverages the inspection with faster estimates
  • 98% accurate, generated by zip code, updated daily
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Skilled pricing experts review to ensure accuracy via industry standard pricing

Why Wild Blue Group?


Providing Educational Guides, Real Time Scheduling, On Demand Communication

Real Time Scheduling

Click and schedule a date and time directly thru our web site; adjust schedule quickly; uses Google’s Geolocator technology; receive automatic emails and/or SMS messages/text when an order is completed

Real Time Proposals

Delivers agreements via email directly to your clients… click, sign and automatically submit back to our system or Clients can sign agreements on any mobile phone or tablet

Home Ownership Problem:

Cordless Drill

Ignorance is Bliss Approach.

  • 56 percent admit to taking an “ignorance is bliss” approach to home repairs
  • Average cost per year for those who experience weather-related damage is $3,497
  • On average, the homeowners surveyed have lived in their current house for eight years
    • Repair costs could add up to nearly $30K
  • Of the 87 percent who have experienced an issue, they currently have an average of three issues

Research commissioned by Owens Corning Roofing and conducted by OnePoll

The Most Common Homeowner Repairs

Leaky Roof

Costs You Should Prepare For.

  • Mice and Rats: 35 percent deal with this issue
  • Termites: 34 percent deal with this issue
  • Carpenter Ants: 33 percent deal with this issue
  • Drafty Doors and Windows: 28 percent deal with this issue
  • Leaky roofs: 25 percent deal with this issue
  • Flooded basement: 25 percent deal with this issue
  • Other Animal Infestations: 23 percent deal with this issue
  • Faulty air conditioning: 21 percent deal with this issue
  • Faulty wiring: 20 percent deal with this issue
  • Burst Pipes: 20 percent deal with this issue

10 Reasons to Select Wild Blue Group for a Home Inspection

Home Inspection
  1. Reveals critical information about the condition of a home and its systems and last opportunity to back out
  2. Detects safety issues like radon, carbon monoxide, wood destroying organisms & mold
  3. Reveals illegal additions or installations altered or completed without a proper permit, or did not follow code
  4. Provides an additional level of protection when buying an "as-is" foreclosed property or short sale
  5. Provides an opportunity via HB with realtor to ask for repairs and/or request a price reduction or credit from the seller
  6. Forecasts future costs based on the installation age and current condition of major systems
  7. Helps buyers identify how much additional money or effort they are willing and able to spend to take the home to a condition that is personally acceptable
  8. Inspection report is a valuable educational resource; suggest specific tips on how to maintain the home
  9. Reveals the Big Picture; facilitates understanding of the nuances of the biggest purchase they ever make
  10. Insurance: Some companies will not insure a home if certain conditions are found, or without the presence of certifications e.g. CPI, Radon, Mold, WDO, etc.

Solutions for Property…

Aerial View Of Homes

That Protect the Investment, Create Peace of Mind, Reduce Liability, Facilitate Ongoing Client Relationship.


Protect your investment. With an annual Wild Blue Group inspection. Annual inspections are a great investment that can help maintain a home’s excellent condition. Most would agree that inspections are an essential part of maintenance because they help with the early detection of problems, keeping them from escalating into bigger issues.


Get peace of mind knowing that your new investment is being inspected by a nationally Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) with more than 40 years experience. Understand critical information about the condition of a property and its systems; makes buyer aware of costs, repairs and maintenance that may be required in the short and long term.


Reduce liability; manage risk and impact to brokerage and agents. Guarantee contact with clientele after purchase via Inspection Support Network (ISN). Provide the opportunity for your client to re-evaluate the investment.


Enhance your home’s market appeal and limit your liability. Provide potential buyers with an independent analysis of your home’s condition with a Move In Certified® inspection. Show your buyer that you have nothing to hide.

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